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Drain Cleaner

There is nothing quite as frustrating as having a blocked sewer and drainage system. It is not fun at all when your bathtub won’t drain and you have clogged toilets and everything including your kitchen sinks smell like sewage. 

Are you looking for drainage cleaner? Well your search ends here. Welcome to our Jireh Plumbing. We offer drainage cleaning services as well as all other plumbing services at competitive costs. So why choose us? 

High Quality Services at Competitive Prices

We offer all drainage solutions and other plumbing services at very competitive prices. We cannot say we are the cheapest company around but our services are superior and affordable. We guarantee that if you come to us, we will give you value for your money. It is no use going to a local plumber who will give you a shoddy job for a little less money. Ultimately, you may even have to spend a lot more when you have to find another plumber to redo the work when the problem reoccurs.

Well Trained Technicians

Our plumbers are well trained experts who take pride in their jobs. They have enough expertise and will be able to clean your sewer and drainage system and even redo your plumbing if need be. They also follow all the recommended safety procedures. People often try drain cleaner they buy from the supermarket and although this may work most times there are bigger problems that need to be fixed.


All our plumbing experts have enough experience on their fields. Because of this, we can guarantee that they are able to work efficiently in the shortest time possible and complete the work with minimum disruption to your home or premises.

We are licensed Licence number 5166

We are a licensed company and we follow all the plumbing codes and safety procedures required. All our services are insured and guaranteed and if by any chance anything is broken or damaged, we will cover the full cost. 

If you are looking for a drain cleaner or a plumber, call us today for quality and affordable services.




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